Permaculture Principle #9 – Use Small & Slow Solutions

Permaculture Principle #9 – Use Small & Slow Solutions

A small and slow solution means using solutions that are local and fit to the scale of a system. An example of a small slow solution is using the natural tree fall to help mulch and build the soil. In a location near my home there is a hill that is quite barren and has been for several years. This is due to the fact that the wind patterns during fall blow all the leaves away although there is a huge oak tree that dumps a huge amount of leaves. A small slow solution would be to plant a wind break from the direction of the wind comes in. This would allow the leaves to collect rather than blow away. Slowing building up over the years and eventually allowing for plants to grow. Of course you still want to integrate so using the small slow solution of the wind break could be combined with sheet mulching and specific types of planting to encourage soil development.


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