Permaculture Principle #4 – Apply self-regulation and accept feedback

Permaculture Principle #4 – Apply self-regulation and accept feedback

Self-regulation is the way a system corrects itself. An example of such self regulation is the natural ebb and flow seen in predator and prey relationships. The population of wolves in an area might be low, so with less predators deer see an increase for a season or 2. Since the wolves now have lots of food they have a population increase but they eat all the deer so the deer’s population goes done. Then the wolves population will go down because they have no deer to eat and the whole cycle is back where it started.

The same is true for gardens. There might be an abundance of one type of insect pest eating all your crops in the garden. Then in a few weeks a predator bug of the first type catches up and eats all of the pest. That is how a system will self regulation. Many a gardener’s first reaction to a pest would be to bring about the pesticide. This can cause a disturbance in the breeding of the predator bug and is most likely not as effect as the bugs will be.

This principle can be applied to plants as well. Certain plants will only grow or thrive in certain environments. Some plants need a lot of sun and others enjoy the shade. So plant all over the place, notice what plants do well where, accept the feedback the plants give you and use it to better build plant groupings and locations for planting.


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