Permaculture Principle #2 – Catch and Store Energy

Permaculture Principle #2 – Catch and Store Energy

The principle of catching and storing energy applies to many different areas. From catching solar or wind power to harvesting and storing rain water. It can also be applied food gathering. Harvesting things that are in season and then preparing and preserving them so that the energy is stored so we can eat it later.

One of my favorite examples is storing and using the energy from rain water. There are several things that can be done to store the rain water. The first step is to setup a storage system on the downspouts of buildings, usually rain barrels. Next it’s important to watch where water naturally runs. Digging swales or ditches perpendicular to the flow will slow down the flow of water and allow more water to seep into the ground. Closely planting and heavy mulching also ensure that the ground stays moist longer and that the water in the ground is being used by plants.


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