Permaculture Core Ethics

The three guiding core ethics of permaculture are simple (this is some of the lovie dovie stuff):

  1. Care of People
  2. Care of the Earth
  3. Fair Share

Care of People

Care of people starts with care of one’s self, extends to our immediate friends and family, on to our community, and then to all the inhabitants of Earth. It’s a really simple concept but it is important that it isn’t over looked. We should always first account for our own self interest and then the interests of others.

Care of the Earth

Care of the Earth means keeping in mind the health of the soil, flora, and fauna of the natural environment. This principle helps us to think about how our actions affect not only us but the health of all other beings and creatures around us.

Fair Share

Fair Share means to limit consumption and freely sharing any surplus. So don’t take more than you need and if you have more than you need give it away. When I think of this I think of potluck dinners. It’s easy to overfill your plate when there is so much good food and the reason there is so much good food is that everyone brings something to share.

Pretty simple, pretty straightforward. These are the 3 Permaculture Core Ethics to keep in mind as you brainstorm and design.


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